CSS Hacks for Internet Explorer 7

Like IE6 ,IE7 also needs some hacks some times.For that we need to write the css something like given below

.style1{ padding:10px 0 0 20px;}

If this css will have any problems in IE7 then we need to write the css like

.style1{ padding:10px 0 0 20px; !padding:10px 0 0 18px;}

Using ( ! ) sign indicates that this css will render by both IE7 and IE6 not in other browser.


  1. really the hacking can be done in more ethical way...JavaScript is a programming language used to develop dynamic websites which run at the client side. This means that the language will not execute at the server but will run with your web page on the browser of the user. if css have any problems syntax format will have some changes to match to the browser to get more into the problem...it will get rendered by both IE6 & IE 7

  2. wonderful article ,this really helped me since i was looking out for a blog to learn php and and css class concepts fast and this blog also helped to clear my doubts.interesting to read also and know more for all and to be aware