CSS Hacks for Internet Explorer 6

Css Hacks is the most important things for all the designer,if they want to show a page perfect in every browser. Basically all browser show perfect design,But all IE Browser have some problems to show the actual view for that it needs to give some css hacks

Css hacks For IE6

when we give the width of a block level element by css maybe that width increase in IE6 or when we give padding or margin of an Element Ie6 may show some more Padding or margin.That time it needs to write the _padding or _margin and decrease the padding or margin or width;By writing _width or _padding will effect only in IE6 browser not in other browser. For Example

.style1{ width:500px;}

If this width will not show in IE6 perfectly then we need to write this class like

.style1{ width:500px;_width:490px;}

Ie6 will render the 2nd width but all browser will render the first width

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