How to merge all css files in magneto

If you wish to merge your all css file in magento you can do that by your magento Admin Panel. Log in to your magento admin panel the go to System->Congiguration. From the Current Configuration Scope: Select your Store view then click on Developer tab.Now click on Css Settings Tab .From the Merge CSS Files Drop down select yes to merge your css. Default No is selected . Now clear your browser cache and also refresh your magento cache.You all css file is merged Now.

Merge Css in Magento


  1. Anonymous3/29/2011

    when i merge css as per your solution my admin page is messed up all. give solution what to do.

  2. when i try to merge css and js by
    System->Congiguration->Developer->Css Settings / Javascript Settings,it does not work.
    css and js files are not merging.

    please give me a solution to solve this problem

  3. you must clear your magento cache also remember you must have sufficient permision in media folder as that merged file save to media/css/