Magento connect manager internal server error

This is the most common problem for all Magento User.This problem is only for the File Permission in the server.To solve this Problem first you need to login to your FTP(File Transfer Protocol), then go to your magento installation path their you will find downloader Change the file permission to 755 , Again goto the index.php file inside downloader folder and change the file permission to 755.Now refresh the page you will see the effect.


  1. Thanks for the solution!

  2. Anonymous11/20/2010

    Hi, I'm currently a tech working at a store in Vancouver B.C called Rock PC website is (rockpc.com) we were recently experiencing a similar issue with magento version when trying to use Magento connect we were getting the http 500 error...after alot of investigation and trying numerous different procedures we finally found a solution...apparently there is a bug in this version that when compile mode is activated this error happens...but when it is deactivated it works, here is the Magento forum that solves this problem http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/78498/

    Another bug we noticed btw was that when there is something highlited in that compilation section and trying to go over the menu bar it starts to do a sort of twitch that wont let u select anything from it. hope this helps anyone else with the similar issue...

    and Thank you Anjan for helping all of us out there with magento issues cheers! :)

  3. Anonymous11/28/2010

    Thank You so much, Mr Anonymous :-) You just saved me a lot of work!!!
    I wonder why isn't this solution spread all over Magento Forum?!? I could only find useless tips to fix this problem...


  4. Thanks, it worked for me!

  5. Thank you. It helped me. My permissions were 775

  6. Nice one...It worked...

  7. Thanks buddy its work
    Thanks a lot