I have asked many people about the difference between HTML and XHTML , Somebody given me the right answer and somebody couldn't. Lastly I got the difference between HTML and XHTML, which is given below.

  1. XHTML documents Should be properly nested whether it's not important in HTML
  2. XHTML tags should be always closed
  3. XHTML documest should be only one root element
  4. All XHTML tags should be writen in lowercase ,Uppercase is not allow


  1. For a long period, I didn't understand what is the different between HTML and XHTML, but the article above just reveal it for me!Thanks for the explanation!

  2. Anonymous4/09/2010

    be studied HTML and are fully aware of them and if you do not know what is the XHTML Marks may have some inconvenience when you read this word

    Is it another language? And what is the difference between them?

    We will start the minds of the word Fa HTML HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language and is not a programming language as is thought to

    But some people understand is the language of encoding, such as browser "Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefix" or any other browser certainly

    As for the FA XHTML there is no difference between them and the HTML is an acronym for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language and

    Is a combination of HTML and the XML is similar to HTML 4.01, but more a system as recommended by the W3C

    And is supported by all new browsers

  3. Before reading this article on your blog (HTML vs XHTML), I don't understand about HTML or XHTML. In this article (HTML vs. XHTML) you give an explanation and differences HTML and XHTML. Although brief, but what you wrote in this article is very useful for me to understand the difference HTML and XHTML.

  4. This info provide especially the code are useful for blogger to add extra function to their blog.


  5. I'm not understand about programming language til now. When I edited my blog, I just copy and paste from internet. It's nice to find your blog. Full of simple explanation about programming. It's useful for newbie blogger like me

  6. it seems very simple and usefull.i will take some time to study it.thanks very much!

  7. I find your all blogs are very useful.I am not a designer, I know html, but I could not find any dissimilarities in both. Now I am understand the difference. Thanks very much.